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Sterling silver 925 Buddha head connector 18x11mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece.  Connector in the shape of a Buddha head, sized 18 x 11mm in sterling silver. This connector has...

Sterling silver 925 eye pendant 20x7mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece .  Pendant in the shape of an eye with eyelashes, some with which on the bottom with stars on...

Sterling silver 925 lucky pendant 6.5x27mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece .  Rectangular pendant with different lucky sumbols, such as a Hamsa hand, a horseshoe, an...

Sterling silver 925 horseshoe pendant 8x10mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece .  Horseshoe pendant in sterling silver sized 8x10mm. The horseshoe is symbolic of good luck...

Sterling silver 925 clover pendant 8mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece.  Four leaf clover pendant sized 8mm with an open jumpring in sterling silver with green enamel....

Sterling silver 925 God’s eye with navy blue enamel 7.9 x...

Minimum purchase 1 piece.  Evil eye pendant with navy blue enamel sized 7.9 x 7 mm in sterling silver. Perfect for hanging...

Sterling silver 925 clover cut-out pendant 9 mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece.   Pendant with clover cut-out, sized 9 mm in sterling silver-

Sterling silver 925 number 13 pendant 10 mm

Minimum purchase 1 piece.   Pendant in shape of number 13, sized 13 mm in sterling silver.

Sterling silver 925 Key of Life pendant 11x 20 mm

Key of life pendant in sterling silver. Egyptian ankh hieroglyphic that means key of life.

Sterling silver Hamsa Hand with mandala pendant 25 mm

Sterling silver pendant in the shape of a Hamsa hand, ideal for collections with a boho feel. The ring is included on the size...

Sterling silver 925 ml Hamsa with stone 18x11mm

Sterling silver  | Dimensions: 18x11 mm |  Estimated weight: 0,73 grs. | Minimum purchase: 1 unit

Sterling silver 925 ml Hamsa connector 22x14 mm

Sterling silver  | Dimensions: 22x14 mm |  Estimated weight: 0.53 grs.| Minimum purchase: 1 unit

Sterling silver 925 wish bone charm 13.5x19 mm (2.5 mm)

Sterling silver 925 | Sizes: 13,5 x 19 mm | Approximate weight : 1,45 grs.| Minimum order quantity: 1 unit

Sterling Silver 925 Tree of Life Pendant 25.2mm

Sterling Silver  |Size: 25 mm | Approximate Weight: 4,42 grs gr | Minimum Buy : 1 unit

Sterling Silver 925 Elephant Pendant 13x12.5mm

Sterling silver | Size 13 x 12.5 mm | Estimated weight 0.748 grs..