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At Com Forsa, we have a large range of different pendants in gold-plated sterling silver to put on your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and chokers. You can create several different beautiful designs, thanks to how many unique designs we have available. We can help our clients find the exact pendant they need or like by having our products divided into subcategories by shape.

Our options are the following:

animals- you can find different kinds of animals in this subcatory like butterflies, scarabs, dogs, flamingos, birds... ;

Animal print- this is a trend that never goes out of style, and we have pendants with crocodile, zebra, leopard, and snake skin, they particularly look good on gold-plated chains.

Boho- we have a variety of boho themed gold-plated pendants for our clients who like this carefree style. They're perfect to add to a long necklace. Among these, we can find mandalas, flowers, suns, lotus flowers, Hamsa hands, evil eyes, horns, tree of life, etc. 

- Chakras: in this subcategory, we have pendants in gold-plated silver of all different kinds of chakras, such as “Sahasrara”, “Manipura”, “Svadishthana” or “Muladhara”.

- Zirconias- this is where we can find all kinds of sterling silver with gold plating pendants that have a zirconia, like our moons with colorful zirconias, stars, turkish eye... they add a shiny touch to any finished piece and look amazing on chokers or earrings.

-Crowns- they're name says it all, here you can find different crown pendants in gold-plated stelring silver.

-Cosmic: where we can find our gold-plated silver pendants with cosmic styles, such as a rocketship. They're ideal for those who love space and astrology.

-Sports: here we can find our gold plated pendants with sporty themes, such as a trainer with "love run" written inside or a bike. A necklace with these is a sure win to give to anyone who loves sports.

- Enamel: we've put all of our pendants in gold-plated silver with enamel here. This kind of pendant is especially a good seller in summer time since they have bright colors. They look great on earrings and chains.

-Fruits: in this subcategory, we have pineapples, bananas, and cherries.

- Geometric: here we can find all kinds of geometric shapes in gold-plated sterling silver, such as triangles, semi-circles, rectangles,... They look amazing on earrings and chains.

- Girl Power: here we can find our feminist pieces such as the female symbol, pendants with Frida Kahlo's face on it and others with “GIRL POWER” on them. They're perfect to give to any woman in your life. This kind of pendant is really popular due to what they stand for.

- Fairies and unicorns: these sterling silver gold-plated pieces have fantasy themes, such as our unicorn.

-Wire: these are pieces that have knitted and tied wires to hang on any chain.

-Horoscopes: these have the zodiac signs on them.

-Infinities: here we can find gold-plated pendants with the infity symbol on them. Hanging this on a chain is a great gift for couples.

-Cut out letters: we have cut-out letters that you can hang on a chain or earrings, which has become a popular trend and makes a great gift. You can combine them with different letters to write words, put them on a bracelet or necklace or alone as an initial.

-Love . here we have hearts in different sizes and shapes since they are so popular. They're perfect for Valentine's Day or an anniversary gift.

-Moons and stars: we've put all of our gold-plated pendants with moons and stars here with their different styles.

- Messages: in this subcategory, we've put all of our pendants in gold-plated silver that have different messages in different languages, such as "Sunshine", "Here and Now", and "Avec Toi".

- Earth: here our pendants with the continents and earth are found.

-Nature: we have a large range of gold-plated pendants here, such as plants, lightning bolts, leaves...

-Nautical: we've put all of our marine themed pendants here, such as shells, fish, polar star, waves, or starfish. 

- Origami: here we can find our different gold-plated pendants in the shape of origame.

-Feathers and wings: our feathers and wings of all different shapes and sizes are here, they look great on hoops in gold-plated silver.

-Lightning bolts and studs: you can see that we have different kinds of studs and lightning bolts.

-Religious: we have crosses,and virgins of different kinds here.

-Luck: all our pendants in gold-plated silver that are related to luck, such as the clover, Mexican skull, the bone, a scarab...

-Ethnic: we've put all of our gold-plated pendants with ethnic themes here. They're perfect for a bracelet or chain

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