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Sterling silver 925 witch on broomstick earring 10x10mm

Minimum purchase 1 pair.  Wholesale of these witch on a broomstick enamelled earrings with enamel in pastel tones in...

Sterling silver 925 mini umbrella earring 10.5x12mm

Minimum purchase 1 pair.  Wholesale of these umbrella hat earrings with pink enamel and glitter in sterling silver and...

Sterling silver 925 zipper earring 7x18mm

Minimum purchase 1 pair .  Wholesale of these zipper shaped earrings in sterling silver and sized 7x18mm. Dare to wear...

Sterling silver 925 mini twisted earrings 2x4mm

Minimum purchase 1 pair .  Mini twisted bar earrings in sterling silver. Size: 2x4mm Mini earring perfect for any...

Sterling silver 925 quotations earrings

Sold by pair.  Sterling silver earrings in the shape of quotation marks perfect for the first or second hole.

Sterling silver double hoop earrings 12 and 25 mm

Sterling silver earrings with double hoop. Perfect for those who make fashion and trends their way of life. Sterling...

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